Nolan Johnson: Why People Are Jumping Ship From Amazon & Walmart Automation Over To ClickFunnels

By: Myra Reyes
  Wednesday May 11th, 2022 - 1:39 pm
ARIZONA — It's no secret that drop-shippers are going through hard times. Both Amazon and Walmart have suspended countless sellers, terminated their accounts, and froze their funds. If you somehow manage to weather the storm and have an active seller account, you will experience a record low-profit margin due to fierce competition.

Most sellers are dreaming of the day they can acquire higher margins, additional freedom, complete control of their business, and an end to personal account suspension and termination.

One by one, they are discovering the benefits of ClickFunnels Automation.

We sat down with e-commerce expert Nolan Johnson. He breaks down the differences between Amazon, Walmart, and ClickFunnels Automation.

How Does It Work?

1. We find a product that we can dropship and make a profit.

2. We build a professional sales funnel that is designed to sell the individual item with optional up-sells.

3. We create ads and strategically place them on Facebook & Instagram.

4. All sales volume is paid out the next day and we use those funds to fulfill the order.

What Are the Profit Margins? How Much Can I Make?

For Amazon the profit margins on the average seller account range from 5-15%.

For Walmart profit margins on the average seller account range from 10-20%.

For ClickFunnels profit margins on the average seller account range from 20-55%.

Why Are The Margins So Much Higher With ClickFunnels?

With companies like Amazon and Walmart, you are competing with millions of other sellers. Because of that, everyone is lowering their prices by small increments so they present the most attractive offer. Over the years this practice has dug into the profit margins by a considerable amount, that it's hardly worth the time and effort you spend fulfilling orders. 

With ClickFunnels you own the website! There is no competition and no other offers are being presented to the buyer. Because of this, you are able to maintain a higher price and make significantly more profit on each sale.

What Are The Fees On Each Sale?

Both Amazon and Walmart take 15% of your total sales volume.

With ClickFunnels they take 0% of your total sales volume. Stripe only takes 2.9% of each sale to process the customer's credit card.

What Are the Associated Risks?

Both Amazon and Walmart can freeze your funds, suspend your account temporarily, or even permanently terminate your account.

With ClickFunnels there is no risk of getting your account suspended or terminated.

I Want An Automated ClickFunnels Store, What Do I Do?

To get more information about partnering up with Nolan Johnson and his team, simply Click Here To Watch Their FREE Case Study to see exactly how their business model works and how you can benefit from it.
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