Nolan Johnson: How Americans Are Crushing It With Automated Amazon Stores

By: Carlos Galindo
  Saturday October 17, 2020 - 12:51 pm
ARIZONA — Have you ever wanted to invest in a business model and start seeing returns almost instantly? Most folks do but the truth is, it’s not often that you find a real business model that can pass the test of time.

It’s no surprise that Amazon has revolutionized retail businesses all over the world. That’s clear just by looking at online sales numbers.
Despite the recent craziness with lockdowns, unemployment and fear, Amazon’s sales in North America reached $55.44 billion, an increase of 43.4% from $38.65 billion in the second quarter of 2019.

Even as a complete beginner, new Amazon Sellers are currently seeing amazing returns.  

Results like $4,000, $8,000 even $14,000 or more per day.

Here’s the proof…
When you want to sell products on Amazon, it means either shipping the products out yourself, or having someone else do it for you.

The way to grow fast… is having experts do it for you.
Nolan Johnson, an E-commerce Expert and Amazon Seller said... 
“We were able to successfully scale an Amazon store well over $100,000 per month in sales volume. Keep in mind the profit is about 25%. After helping friends and family do the same, everyone started coming to us for an automated store.”
He continued by saying…
“Most people have a difficult time trying to establish relationships with good suppliers and wholesalers when they want to sell on Amazon.  
That’s why we do it all for them, giving our clients access to around 300 employees on our team who actually run and automate the entire business for them.  
All our clients have to do is check on the sales and watch the business scale. We handle the rest.”
Another problem Amazon sellers face once they start scaling their business is being able to fulfill each order.
Nolan says, “when you have hundreds of orders that need to be fulfilled, it can be a chore and sucks the fun out of creating a passive online business.  
It’s another reason our clients love us because we fulfill each order for them so they don’t need to lift a finger.”
After seeing so much success on Amazon using his proven model, Nolan Johnson decided to "franchise" this business model out and as of October 2020, he now has over 180 clients enjoying the profits from their stores
They get screenshots sent over to them every day. Here are some of them below...
Keep in mind this is sales volume in a 30 day period. 
To get more information about partnering up with Nolan Johnson and his team of 300 employees, simply Click Here to watch their FREE Case Study to see exactly how their business model works and how you can benefit from it.
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